Project China Shirts

Project China Shirts are a great way for you to show your support for the Project China Team. We make the shirts available at different events in the States when someone from our team is representing Project China or during a special campaign, where the shirts may be available to buy online. Make sure to buy a shirt during one of these events or one of the special campaigns.

The classic shirt is black with a white Project China Logo on the front.


“Our God Always Wins” Campaign

Limited Edition Project China Shirts with “Our God Always Wins” on the back. These shirts were on sale to show support for the churches in China that faced persecution by police on Easter morning.


The story behind the slogan:

“Pastor Levi just said “amen” at the conclusion of his sermon when we were visited by Harbin police Easter morning. Levi had just finished preaching on how the resurrection of Christ should encourage Christians to persevere in their faith even the midst of persecution, such as the kind the church in Smyrna encountered in Revelation 2. They came in first with camcorders taking everyone’s photo and recording while Pastor Levi was finishing his sermons-end prayer. The cups and bread lay ready for the Lord’s Supper on the back table, but we didn’t make it that far in the service. We were ordered not to speak or use our phones. Some of our people’s cell phones and iPads were confiscated, some returned and some not. At one point we were told that not knowing the law isn’t excuse for not obeying it, so with that being said, I can’t imagine what excuse these men will have while standing in front of the Lord’s throne.

The police also visited other churches in Harbin disrupting the preaching, taking computers, taking the offering money, and detaining everyone until they had given over their personal information. As for the foreigners, we were detained much longer. Foreigners on student and English teaching visas we’re let go but myself and Jake, who was attending in a different location, were singled out for interrogations to be held at separate police departments. Pastor Levi and Pastor Stephen, Chinese pastors, were also taken in for interrogation. Police were reasonable with us, making sure we had food and water as well as bathroom breaks when we asked, but Jake’s home was searched and mine was observed while retrieving our passports off the bookshelf. At the police station we joined them in the small lunch, however Jake and his family were a little more hard pressed for food until a church member went to get french fries for their 1 year old daughter.”

– Written by John who was present during the service.

Through the course of events, our friends have been deported from China and it is unclear when or if they may return. It can all seem like bad news just as the disciples saw how bad it was the day Christ was crucified. However, we cannot forget that Christ did not stay dead. It was on a Sunday morning that the disciples discovered that “God always wins”.