We have many projects that we are involved in. We hope that you will look over each project to see how you can more involved in each one.

  • The 10 City Initiative is our current focus to see churches started in a part of China that has more than 295 millions souls. Will you labour with our team in prayer over the cities and the people represented in this initiative?
  • The Taiwan Initiative is focused on reaching the Chinese people in the island of Taiwan. Taiwan gives our team a unique opportunity to openly and freely plant churches and train national leadership.
  • As South America becomes more evangelized, it joins in sending missionaries around the world preaching the gospel. The Spanish Connection is Project China’s joint venture to partner with like-minded ministries in South America that have trained men who desire to come to China as missionaries.
  • As new churches are being planted, we want to come along side them and help them in their first years. The Harbin Church Planting Fund does just this. You can help through giving and 100% of you financial gifts will be used in new church plants in China!
  • When new churches are started and existing churches are involved in consistent outreach, they are in need of bibles. Our Chinese Bible Distribution Fund allows us to have the funds on hand to supply our team of missionaries and national pastors with bibles free of charge (because of your generous giving).
  • We desire to help other ministers coming to China for the first time. Therefore, we have compiled articles about China Missions Strategy from our blogs into The Project China Manual. We pray this resource will encourage people to take a wise and bold approach to missions in China.
  • Project China Shirts are a great way for you to show your support for the Project China Team. We make the shirts available at different events in the States when someone from our team is representing Project China or during a special campaign, where the shirts may be available to buy online. Make sure to buy a shirt during one of these events or one of the special campaigns.

We hope each of these projects will help us have a greater impact in reaching China with the gospel of Jesus Christ.